Finding the right Camaro

  • Looking back at old pictures is always fun. What is really cool is when you fast forward 18 years and some things
    haven’t changed. This is true for the 70 Camaro Ron from was able to locate for me. I know in the last pictures the car was cream in color and this picture it’s blue. Shortly after Doug (2nd owner) brought the car home he repainted it and swapped in a 383 Stroker motor. Here is a picture of the car after he repainted it looks pretty good.

    A quick call to Jam’e at Browns Auto Transport and the pick was scheduled. Like I previous said some things never change. Eighteen years later and here is what the car looked like getting ready to get loaded on a trailer and make it way back to the Midwest. First thing I thought of when I saw this picture was I really need to go rent  the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” again. Hey, it’s a cult classic ….

    48 Hours later and the great people from Browns Auto Transport showed up at my work to deliver the car. The drivers first comment to me was, “man is the floor in this car solid.” Not much has changed under this car from the day it was delivered and that was exactly what I was looking for. It does however  have a really nice 3″ dual Exhaust. Anyone need a complete dual exhaust & headers for a small block 2nd gen.

    Brought the car home – Opps forget to tell the wife. Remember it’s better to ask for forgiveness then permission. Looks like I have to pick which one I am going to work on first. One option would be sell Ron the Green one and I build the blue one with Kenny. Should be fun and Interesting.

    So what are the build plans — you ask.  What is it going to look like when it’s complete? You are going to have to watch this build closely and you will find out. At least you can tell that it will have Billet Specialties wheels on it. I can tell you this car is going to have the new Ride Tech Coil Over Suspension on it and it’s pretty awesome.

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