The Teardown

  • In order to keep the back half of my garage heated a couple years ago I installed a Curtain Wall. This has probably been one of the best “Garage” investmentsĀ I have made to date. Especially when my wife starts the cars in the front half of the garage and leave’s the door open for 15 minutes. The back half stays niceĀ and warm. I may even install an Air conditioning unit this summer.

    Since safety is a big concern for me. The first thing I did was make a quick call toĀ Race Ramps. I ordered up a set of 12″ fixed height wheel cribs and an adjustable set of 12″ wheel cribs. It’s amazing how nice these cribs are.

    With the car on the wheel cribs I was able to get under the car and inspect the floors and work out a game plan. The first thing I need to do was remove the exhaust as I had already sold it and then start looking for rust problems.Ā Scott (proTour73) was kind enough to come over and lend me a helping hand. He said it brought back memories of his restoration. Scott had the front end off in no time. I think he was hungry and I told him I was buying lunch at the local Mexican Restaurant so he worked really fast.

    Found some rust. Time to see if I can find some NOS sheet metal.Ā You can see that Scott had the front clip completely removed before I figured out how to get the exhaust off in one piece.Ā  It almost made it up and over the rear differential. Sadly I had to remove it so I could get the exhaust out. Not a big deal as all of the bolts came off with ease.Ā After a good days hard work this is what we ended up with. Not bad for 2 guys in 4 hours and that included lunch.

    I’ve been collecting parts for the last couple years. Last year my good friend Morgan introduced me to John & Josh. Josh owns Precision billet concepts and heĀ built these pedals for 2nd gen Camaro’s and Firebirds. When I saw them I fell in love and just had to have the full set up. From E-Brake to Gas pedal I evenĀ purchased the clutch master just in case I end up installing a manual transmission.


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