Removing the Front Clip & Exhaust

  • Since safety is a big concern for me. The first thing I did was make a quick call to Race Ramps. I ordered up a set of 12″ fixed height wheel cribs and an adjustable set of 12″ wheel cribs. It’s amazing how nice these cribs are.With the car on the wheel cribs I was able to get under the car and inspect the floors and work out a game plan. The first thing I need to do was remove the exhaust as I had already sold it and then start looking for rust problems. Scott (proTour73) was kind enough to come over and lend me a helping hand. He said it brought back memories of his restoration. Scott had the front end off in no time. I think he was hungry and I told him I was buying lunch at the local Mexican Restaurant so he worked really fast. Found some rust. Time to see if I can find some NOS sheet metal.

    You can see that Scott had the front clip completely removed before I figured out how to get the exhaust off in one piece.  It almost made it up and over the rear differential. Sadly I had to remove it so I could get the exhaust out. Not a big deal as all of the bolts came off with ease.

    After a good days hard work this is what we ended up with. Not bad for 2 guys in 4 hours and that included lunch.

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