Cleaning & more Cleaning & New LS1

  • Since I am not a big fan of a dirty work shop it was important to me to get the chassis as clean as I could. Before I began mocking up parts on the car. I spent a few hours with my daughters cleaning all of the oil & grime off the subframe. Seems they are more then willing to spray a cleaner on the car, but not so willing to scrub the grime off the car.

    I stripped as many parts as I could off the subframe before the cleaning actually started.┬áSafety Safety Safety. I can’t tell you how much I like the Race Ramp safety block they built for me. Gives you a little more confidence when your working on the car in the garage by yourself. I surely don’t want any of my family members to every find me stuck or god forbid dead under my car.

    I removed the drives side coil spring without any problems. However, next time I am going to just cut the coil springs instead of using a spring compressor. My wonderful Snap On spring compressor actually broke when I was removing the passenger side coil spring and of course I was straddling the spindle when it let go. Talk about scaring the crap out of me.

    The previous owner was unable to figure out why the car wouldn’t start. I have a good guess as to why it wouldn’t start. When the motor mount broke it also took out the fuel line.┬áPassenger arms went on smooth as butter. I would have worked on the other side but the guys were going for a ride so off to the trails I go.

    I spoke with Travis and he told me he had an LS1 sitting in the shop and I could buy it. So I did & two weeks later it was in my warehouse with all of my other parts. The motor has about 9,000 miles on it and should be perfect for this build. Anyone need a set of Z06 Exhaust Manifolds?┬áPulled the mock up transmission housing case back out of storage….and I found another thing my daughters like to do. Yep they painted the transmission housing.

    As I said is past posts. I’ve been collecting parts for this car for years. I pick up this intake from Barry Grant he had listed it on┬á┬áand I new I was going to need one for my next build. So on the shelf it went.

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