Found more Rust, Billet 2nd Gen Front Mount Battery Tray

  • It’s amazing what collects inside of these cars. Hard to believe the passenger side was full of vegetation and it had little more then surface rust. So far I am very happy with this car.

    Top side of the Quarters have some surface rust. Shouldn’t be a problem for the media Blaster. All that is left for me to remove is the rear bumper and Deck lid. Then I can actually start mocking things up on the car. I can’t wait!

    At some point in this cars life it took a little hit to the drivers side rear. The body work they did back then was not that good as you can see in the pictures below. It’s hard to tell in this picture but the floor still has a wrinkle in it.

    Since this car is truly going to be a driver and I really couldn’t care less about putting the battery in the trunk. I wanted a nice billet battery tray up front to put an Optima battery in. So I called up Ron at and told him that we need to make a billet battery tray. He agree and off he went to his computer.

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