Ride Tech Front Suspension – DEI Boom Mat

  • Steady working on the car just haven’t had the time to post up pictures it’s hard to belived how far behind I am on updates.

    Some of the little things you need to do when installing the Ride Tech lower controls arms. You are going to have to trim the rubber grease boot so they can tuck nicely in the lower arm ball joint pocket. Ride-Tech did a nice job planning for this. Once Installed they look perfect. The upper arm went on just as easy as the lower arm on the passenger side.

    I wanted to know what the ride height would be once I put the car back on the ground. So I asked Dennis over High Speed Welding made me up a couple mock up shock rods so I could set the ride height.  When I went to install the lower control arm on the drivers side the bushing didn’t fit in the frame. Most likely because the car still had it’s original bushings and they just kept tightening the bolt to take up slack in the worn out bushings.

    This is a cool little tool I made up years ago when working on Syborg. Just slip it in and open up the bolts evenly and it will do a good job of keeping everything square. Just make sure the washers are large enough to distribute the pressure. Make sure you opened the gap up at least a 1/4″ further then you need as the metal will spring back. Lower control arm fit right in after I spread the lower control arm pocket.

    Funny in the old days ( late 80’s – early 90’s ) I would have got out the dead blow hammer and just beat it in. Most likely damaging the paint, the bolts and my skin. However hitting things with a hammer sometimes just make you feel better. Checking the fully compressed height – wow is the car going to be low.

    When I was at the Good Guys Columbus Show I headed over to DEI to check out there new sound & heat insulation product. Talk about a full line of stuff at 1/2 the cost of other guys. I can’t wait to start installing this stuff.

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