Hauling the 2nd Chance Camaro to US Collision

  • The car is finally ready to make the journey to US Collision so I enlisted the help of my oldest daughter. She was more then confident she would be able to handle the task of helping Dad get the car into the Trailer.

    She did great the car went in without a hitch.

    Mario was surprises to see how good the car looked. However there is still paint on the car and you never know what it’s going to look like under the paint.

    Back in my Garage I needed to make a front end dolly so we could move the car around at Mario’s once we removed the subframe.

    Flash forward one week and Mario was kind enough to let me come over and work on the car.

    JR helped me strip down the Sub Frame so we could put in the back of my Tahoe since I was to lazy to go grab my trailer.

    We mounted the new dolly so Mario can tuck the car under his 69 Camaro Project.

    Finally started bringing parts home from my warehouse. No matter how big your garage is you always want more space.

    My youngest decided she was going to help dad install the Edelbrock Shorty Headers. As you can see she believes in Safety First.

    In order to tuck the exhaust on 2nd Gen. Camaro’s you are going to need Shorty headers. Edelbrock headers are American Made and the only choice for this project. They will only need a minor modification on the one side.

    Both my girls are hard workers and always willing to lend a hand sooner or later I am going to get my wife to come out to the garage to work on this car.

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