Putting the Car on the Rotisserie

  • Time has finally come to get the car on the rotisserie. I really want to see what is hiding under the 40 year old
    paint job. Mario from US Collision was kind enough to loan me his rotisserie as we are really trying to keep this car
    on a budget.

    We made a couple modification to Rotisserie to make sure the car was securely mounted and wouldn’t fall on Jay
    the media blaster. He’s got a family and I wouldn’t want to be the guy who’s car fell on him crushing him.* First thing
    we did was to add legs to the Front End Dolly so we could slide the car onto the lift instead of bolting it directly to the lift.

    I purchased the larger tube from a trailer shop. They use it to make trailer hitches so there is no seam on the inside
    and it make for a nice tight fit.

    Once I hauled the car over to High Speed Welding Dennis quickly made up these support brackets to take the load
    off the lower body mounts. It’s amazing how much the chassis mounts flexed or should I say bend when it’s be
    supported by the factory mounts.

    Getting the rear on the Rotisserie was pretty easy with the help of a chain hoist and a couple guys from the shop.
    However, It did cost me breakfast and yes that is the subframe back from Pro-Tek. Super Clean and getting ready
    for some clean up work.

    In the rear we used the rear spring shackle mount to anchor the car to the rotisserie.

    Four Hours later back in the trailer and heading to Pro-Tek Powder Coating to get stripped off all it’s paint.

    Dennis also put a couple extra welds on to prevent the car from sliding around. When the car is off the lift for the last
    time I will just grind the welds off and it will be back to the way it was when I picked it up from Mario.

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