Bringing the 2nd Chance Camaro home

  • Now that the car is heading home it’s time to explain the build of this car. The goal is simple, build a car that anyone can build using as many bolt on as possible.

    Where most people make mistakes is they take on way more then they can handle. I’ve seen people spend thousand on the latest and greatest bolt on part only to realize they don’t have the time, tool, skills or funds to complete the project. I’ve had people tell me they just bought a new subframe and they plan to install it over the weekend in there garage. A couple months later I find out that they have finally given up on there project and it’s 4-sale for penny’s on the dollar.

    So my advise is: Be realistic in what you buy, do you really need it and do you have time & skill to actually put that part on your car. If you don’t have a lot of free time in your life and you want a suspension upgrade. There are plenty bolt on front end kits available.

    Picture Time – Mario cleaning out the inside of the car.

    That would be Scott (proTour73) reading a magazine while Mario & I look at the car. Seems Scott already been down this road and is more interested in the latest issue of Hot Rod.* Just kidding Scott

    The car shell looks really nice and there are only a few spots that will need rust & dent repair.

    One modification that I can’t live without is mini-tubs I want plenty of tire clearance. The plan is either to run a 295 35 18 or 335 35 18 BFG KDW 2 tire on the back of the car. I am leaning more towards the 295 since the plan is to actually drive this car. Bigger isn’t always better plus going to the 12″ rim cost $1000 more and the tires cost about $500 more.

    Next Step is to put it on the Rotisserie so I can have iPro-Tek Powder Coating in Joliet, IL and have it media blasted. I really want to see what is hiding under the paint and take care of the rust on the underside of the roof.

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