Size Does Matter- Which in the end might not Matter

  • Last week I was looking at the tires stored in Mario’s 69 Camaro. I couldn’t help but notice that his tire looked skinny compared to the 335 BFG tire sitting in my garage. I kept telling Mario that my 335 was much bigger then his 345 and he said no way. So I took his tire home to find out if I was correct. I figured a side by side test would be the only way to prove that the BFG KDW 2 are indeed bigger.

    Left: BFG 335 35 18 ( 14″ Wide )
    Middle: Michelin 345 __ 19 ( 13″ Wide )
    Right: BFG 295 35 18 ( 12″ Wide )

    Close up of the BFG 335 & Michelin 345 — The BFG is 1″ Wider

    Close Up of the Michelin 345 & the BFG 295 — Not much of a difference

    The BFG 335 height compared to the BFG 295 – you can see the difference is much greater

    Also the height is much taller on the Michelin.

    The plan has to been to run the 295’s on the street and the 335’s for Good-Guys events. In the end I may only be able to run the 295 on the back of 2nd Chance Camaro because I can’t get the bracket from DSE.

    Why you ask ?
    The Mini-Tubs I purchased from DSE will fit the 335’s. However, since I didn’t buy there complete leaf spring conversion kit I am unable to purchase the front offset sping pocket I need to complete the conversion. Where I am confused is I can buy offset shackle & spring perch’s but not the lower spring pocket – odd. I had the Allen (really nice sales guy) ask Kyle if I could purchase them and Kyle said no dice which kinda sucks.

    So now I may be forced to run only the 295’s full time. So Buyer Beware if buy the DSE Mini-Tubs you are going to have to make your own lower mounts for the front or by one of there 3 kits DSE offers. Sometimes you
    win sometimes you lose.

    I do have a couple Options

    Option A:
    Buy there Mini-Tub Kit # 041221 $1699.00 which doesn’t include Leaf Springs & Shocks which will give you an 1.5″ drop and then sell the other parts you don’t need. Seems expensive but it’s only money and you can’t take it with you.

    Option B:
    Would be to have a local fab shop make a set of offset shackle mounts to complete the conversion. If I go this route I will make a couple extra to help out the two other guys I know that are in the same boat as me.

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