Going to get Blasted

  • Wow am I far behind posting pictures and yes these pictures are from almost a year ago.
    With the car over at US Collision it was time to start working on the sub-frame. Yep another trip to Pro-Tek Powder Coating to get the sub-frame blasted. I just hate working with dirty or rusty parts. Call me a neat freak but I like a clean work environment.

    The frame is pretty much rust free and the should be fairly easy for Jay to blast.

    Now that the frame is blasted I can haul it to High Speed Welding (www.highspeedwelding.com). Stubby is going to clean up the welds and add some new weld to stiffen up the frame. Not going crazy just a little clean up.

    New Product Update: www.kore3.com

    New Brakes arrived from Tobin at Kore3. The price was incredible and it has factory reliability what more could you ask for. Did I mention Tobin has to be one of the nicest vendors I have ever worked with.

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