Installing the Ride Tech Air Bar

  • Now the fun begins.

    The goal with this project is to teach people what I’ve learned from the last build. The main purpose is to keep people from losing there project because of poor planning. Planning isn’t just writing down what you want the end product to look like it’s actually being honest with yourself and making sure you have the time, money and the resources to actually build your dream car.

    The plan is to show the option/cost you can do just for the rear suspension.
    1. Leaf Springs Similar to Hotchkis
    a. Benefits of keeping your leaf springs is cost is minimal and the car isn’t going to be out of service.
    b. Most backyard mechanics can do this swap in there garage or even a driveway.
    c. Easy exhaust routing ( keeps your costs down when running exhaust )
    d. There is a good chance you are going to be able to find an aftermarket exhaust or even use your existing exhaust

    2. Diagonal 4-Bar Similar to Ride Tech
    a. Benefit of this set up is cost isn’t much more then leaf springs and is very adjustable.
    b. There is minimal welding that can be done by any experienced welder.
    c. Custom exhaust is a necessity

    3. Weld in 4-Link Similar to DSE
    a. Cost is more then a Diagonal 4-Bar
    b. Your going to need a shop or have a good deal of Fabrication skills
    c. Very adjustable
    d. Custom exhaust is a necessity

    So for this project I choose to go with the Ride Tech Air-Bar Set up using the single Adjustable Coilovers. I can do most of the preliminary work in my garage and haul it over the High Speed Welding and have Jr. set the Pinion angle and weld the brackets on the Axle.

    Here is the Ride-Tech Bracket mocked up on the car the drivers side was a perfect fit. The passenger side needs a little adjusting to make it work.

    After I located the bracket on the frame rails I held it in place with a good set of clamps. After that all I had to do was drill a few holes in the floor and the upper bracket was in place.

    Here is a close up of how the bracket hit the floor on the passenger side. Since all of these cars are slightly different you can’t expect them to fit perfectly. It’s funny I was talking with Ron and his passenger side fit perfect and the drivers side was just a little off.

    Once the car arrives at High Speed Welding they will flattened the bracket so it would line up with the floor. Very simple fix.

    So be honest with yourself if the car your working is you only car then you should go the leaf spring route. If you don’t have to worry about the car being down for a couple days then step up to the Ride Tech suspension.

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