Mocking up the Kore3 Brakes

  • Time to start putting on all of the cool parts I’ve acquired. First to go back on were the old spindles.

    Then I installed the AFCO steering box from .

    Next to install was the Kore3 Front Brakes it is a very complete kit and simple to install.

    Per the easy to follow instructions.
    First cut off the ears to make room for the new brackets. I took a little off at a time remember once it’s gone it’s gone so don’t go crazy. Be safe take off a little at a time.

    Here is what the final spindle modification looked like. The next step it to drill out two of the dust shield bolt holes and re-tap them for new hardware.

    Now you can install the Bracket, Caliper & Hub

    All I need now is the correct rotor however I left it at my warehouse so for now I am going to use the rear rotor. I just wanted to see how the brakes will look installed. I am very happy with this kit and the total install time was less then 2 hours.

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