Mocking up the Subframe

  • Since the goal with this car is to use as many bolt-on’s as possible and limit the custom fabrication which can drive the build cost up and sometimes spirals projects out of control. If you have an unlimited budget and money is no object then you don’t have to worry about it. However, most projects are built on a very strict budget these days, this one included. I learned a lot building Syborg and let me tell you there are plenty of places I could have and should have saved money. One of the reason I picked a Camaro is there are plenty of parts available and also a very wise man that will only go by the name “Bob” once said to me when you build something make sure there will be plenty of buyers when it’s complete. Remember, you may not have any intentions of selling your project but no one knows what the future holds. So when you looking to build something stay true to your goals which should include a realistic budget of time, money and skill.

    With the sub-frame back in the garage it was time to assemble all of these bolt-on parts. I also felt that it is important to involve my daughters and some of our friends kids.

    Installing the custom G-Force crossmember was fairly easy with the subframe out of the car.

    You can see my little helper putting the bolts in for the engine mount. I think she was having more fun then me.

    and this picture proves it.

    I think she did a great job

    Our neighbors son happened to be over so I figured I would let him bolt in the G-Force Crossmember.

    He did such a great job installing the crossmember I figured I would let him install the Edelbrock headers. In a previous post I think I mentioned that these are for a 2010 Camaro. With a little modification they will work perfect and we will be able to tuck them up nice and high so they are not visible when you look under the car. This part is another example of an off the shelf header that will require minor modification which will keep the overall build cost down.

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