Ride Tech Coil Over Rear Suspension Part I

  • For the rear suspension I upgraded to the Ride-Tech Coil Over set up. However we’ve added a few new parts that Ride-Tech offers. First is there offset lower link bar and offset spring mount which gives you an extra 3/4″ of tire room. There will be plenty of room to fit the BFG 295 (12.5″ wide) and most 315’s.

    There new Coil overs – what else do I need to say.

    Very Simple Install.

    Okay Plan B
    Yes I am changing things just a little. I am going to remove the factory spring perch and install Ride Tech’s new weld on lower bracket. I think they are going to clean up the area. The plan is to move the arm over another 1/2″ which will allow me to fit the BFG 335. It will also allow me to fit the Michelin 345 which is an 1″ narrower then the BFG 335.

    Before I bring the car to High Speed Welding I am going to cut off the spring perch’s off the axle.

    In order to get it back to High Speed Welding I used some of my extra parts. This cool little part came from DSE. Originally I was going to keep the leaf springs but since they wouldn’t sell me the front spring pocket parts I needed that idea was soon scrapped. I made a quick call to Ride-Tech and purchased there complete rear kit. So if anyone needs these brackets there just sitting on a shelf at my shop.

    Priced to sell cheap !!!

    Ready for Transport

    Here are the new brackets from Ride Tech. They are really going to clean up the area.

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