Rocky Mounts

  • This post is all about my first love (other then my family of course). I am a die-hard mountain biker it is very hard for
    me to miss a ride in the summer due to a show schedule. The only way to solve this was either to buy a Lotus and
    order a rack from Unique Racks so I could have a cool car with a bike rack on it. But it didn’t
    solve the problem. I wouldn’t be able to do any of the Good-Guys shows ( ) since the Lotus would
    be was newer then 1972.

    So here is my dream bike and I am trying to figure out a way to mount the bike on the side of the car and wondering how it would look. I know most people would put it on the back but that is way to boring for me.

    Now that I determined the location all I have to do is find the best looking tray on the market. When I was in Colorado at Cankworx ( ) I walked by the Rocky Mounts Display ( ) and saw the perfect tray. I wanted to buy one at the show but I figured Southwest wouldn’t let me carry it on the plane home.

    I ordered up the tray the day I got home and started mocking it up on the car.

    You can see that the tray’s has a very thin profile and looks very clean on the side of the car. I can’t wait to order a set for my daily driver.

    I hauled the car back to High Speed Welding and showed Dennis and Joe my idea. Good thing for me both of them thought it was a cool idea.

    We have two goals make it removable so I can run the car through a car wash and to try not to disturb the original lines
    of the car.

    When the tray is removed all that will be left is two stainless steel bungs on the quarter. Kenny will be making a cap to cover them up when the Rocky Mount tray is removed.

    Since this hole was already on the side of the car we choose to use it for the rear mount.

    Here is the finished product.

    I am well aware that most people think I am crazy and that is okay and here is my thoughts on that. I hear parents every day telling me that all there kids do is play video games. Then I point out that most adults sit on the coach at watch Sports and the latest TV Series. So as parents they are no better. So get out and do something active instead of telling your kids when I was young we never watched TV we were out playing. Live life guys and gals as this may be the only one you get.

    I also need to thank my buddy Rick for showing me pictures of the Lotus Bike rack years ago. Without those pictures I may have mounted on the back of the car and that would have just been boring.

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