Kore 3 Rear Brakes & Moser Axles’s

  • Installing the Kore3 brakes is so easy install even my 11 year old daughter can do it. First we remove the stock axles and original drum brakes.

    Here is the complete Kore3 rear brake kit.

    We installed the supplied bracket and did a quick test fit of the caliper.

    In order for the GM Rotors to fit on the axles you need to machine down the axle flange. Instead of machining down the 40 year old axle I called Moser and had the build a set of HD Axles with the proper flange diameter. My daughter ran the tap down thru the bolt holes to ease the install of the ARP wheels studs.

    Like I said so simple a 11 year old could do it.

    Final Install Picture and yes my daughter installed the entire kit with only a little help.

    Since the rear cover was off it was the perfect time to install the Aluminum Differential cover from Summit Racing.

    Did I mention it’s “Made in America”

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