Fitting the LS1

  • It’s time to put the actually motor in the car so the guys at High Speed Welding can finish up the Edelbrock exhaust.

    The plastic blocks are sure awesome it’s too bad I am not strong enough to lift the real motor.

    I purchased the LS1 from Travis at Kenny Davis Hot Rods it came out of a 98 Camaro.

    I used Edelbrock adaptors to mount the motor and you can see the F-Body oil pan clears the subframe perfectly.

    Motor is in and there is plenty of hood clearance with the stock intake manifold.

    But of course I have no intension of using the stock manifold as this motor is going to have a Carb.

    Did I mention it’s made in America.

    Once again you can see I am using as many Edlebrock products as possible. Nothing say vintage race car and Americana
    then Edelbrock !!!

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