BFG 295’s on the Rear

  • Picking the right tires for your car is important, it can make or break the final look . As much as I like the big tire look out back it just doesn’t fit with the plan for this car. The goal is to have something that looks very classy and timeless. So the ideal size for this project would be somewhere around 12″ wide.

    Remember timeless is the goal for this car.

    What was fun is I asked everyday people what they thought of the tire combo on this car while it was sitting in my garage and everyone said the same thing. Looks Perfect !! Not to big, not to small just like the perfect bowl of porridge – Just Right

    Some of the cool tools that I have laying around from the Syborg TT project is the Wheel Mate. It sure makes test fitting tires easy !!

    You can see that there is plenty of clearance using the stock rear spring perches.

    Quick look from the rear and you can there is plenty of tire out back.

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