Flaming River Steering Shaft

  • The stock steering shaft was ugly and I couldn’t stand looking it. So a quick call to the guys are Flaming Rivers and the new Stainless Steel steering shaft & universal joints were on the way. I know I could have bought it direct from Summit Racing but they didn’t have the lower universal in stock.

    And yes I have a new rebuilt stock steering column sitting in a box.

    I put the Universal joints on both ends. Slipped the shaft into the gear box side and marked the shaft where it needed to be cut.

    Little more then an inch needs to come off.

    Really it’s straight – Honest !!

    Installation is complete. Total time 45 minutes.

    Parts List
    FR2512DDPL 48 Spline 3/4″ DD Polished $99.95

    FR1850SSPL Stainless Steel DD Shaft Polished $85.95

    FR2533DDPL 30 Spline 3/4″ DD Polished $101.95

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