LS1 is heading to Wegner Automotive

  • It’s time to get the motor out of the car and shipped up to Wegner Automotive. I have only heard good things about them. They are a full service shop and they have some really nice Front Drive Set Ups.

    The goal was to get the motor out of the car and back to my office by the morning so I could ship it out right away.

    90 Minutes later the front clip is off and the motor is out.

    I went in early to pull all of the Motor parts off the shelf. I realized it looks like I have everything that Edelbrock offers for the LS1.

    Yes it’s a Carb intake for an LS1 and yes it’s made in the USA !!!

    LS1 Coil Covers – wait till you see what we have planned for these

    Valley Cover

    Camshaft — Kinda looks like Kenny took this picture

    Front Cover

    The goal is about 450 hp which should be plenty for a street car.

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