Rocky Mount Bike Rack

  • I spent a lot of time searching for the right bike tray. After attending Crank Worx MTB Festival in Colorado in 2011 I stumbled across Rocky Mounts. They have one of the nicest fork mount bike tray in the industry. When I received the tray I knew I had chosen the right tray.

    Below are couple pictures of my new Mountain Bike Hauler.

    We took this picture when the car was at BBT Fab. Troy had just finished making the rocker extensions, front spoiler & panel gaping. This was the first time that we were able to really see how cool the car looked with the bike on the side.

    A couple people have asked what the car looks like with a bike on the side of the car. So I figured it was time to post some pictures of the car with a couple different bikes on the side of the car. So far 2 girls thought it was weird and one guy made a comment but I am not really sure if he likes it or not. The good news is the customer (me) really likes it.

    We still need to figure out the front tire mount. We may just put it in the trunk or make a side mount similar to what was on the Lotus that I copied the idea from.

    >Sorry, I just like this picture. The car on the rack is the what I drove home from SEMA 2010 instead of driving Syborg home. I’m pretty sure it got better gas mileage then the truck would have gotten. I still miss the truck, but I am having fun building another car with Kenny and I am looking forward to doing our next project (72 Cuda) together once we finish 2nd Chance.

    My Buddy Mike was kind enough to lend me his Ti mountain bike for this pictures. It looks pretty good in my Opinion. I might need to build a Titanium bike so it matches the SS Tiger cage from Ride Tech.

    Nice parting shot.

    A side benefit that we never thought of when we were designing the back rack is it is now my back up if the car breaks down.

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