Wegner Automotive LS1 is Complete

  • The motor is back from Wegner Automotive. While it was there I had them completely tear it down and check everything and install all of the new Parts. I think my favorite part is their new front drive it’s super clean and fights tight to the block.

    I couldn’t be happier with the way the motor turned out. The motor dyno’d 468hp with a new Holley Carb which should be more then enough to haul that mountain bike on the side of the car.

    Kenny is going to have the “Edelbrock” and the horizontal lines on the Coil Covers painted White. I can’t wait to see them painted.

    Trying to keep it simple all of the MSD wires will be wrapped in black nomex wrap from Tech Flex. We’re not trying to hide anything on this project.

    I had the guys at Wegner replace all of the GM hardware with ARP hardware.

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