Goodmark Fuel Tank

  • Since we are running a Carburetor on the car I ordered up a Goodmark Industries stock replacement tank from Summit Racing. I also ordered all new hardware to install the Tank. Summit Racing has sure received a bunch of my money in the last year. You can’t beat there service and pricing.
    I really like seeing Made in the USA & Made In Canada.
    Kenny will make the necessary modifications on the front of the tank for the fuel line and the Edelbrock electric fuel pump. The Fuel Pump will be mounted on the tank directly behind the differential.  Moving the lines to the front of the tank is much safer then having them coming out of the back of the tank and being exposed.
    On the power Tour several years ago a car with a low hanging fuel tank & rear exiting fuel lines caught on fire after it gently rear ended at a stop light. Moving to lines to the top or front of the tank is much safer location.


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