Livin Loud with Kicker

  • Moving to the Sound System I wanted to do something simple for this version of the car. I asked Victor Fulton if he would do a
    rendering of the idea or Vision as Bob said that I had for the package tray. My goal was to have something similar to the 5th
    generation Camaro with a 3rd brake light. I think Victor nailed it.

    Right now we are looking at using a iTouch for the source and possible using the Kicker PX i50.2 Controller to power the speakers.

    I picked up a set of Kicker 6″ Round 3 way speakers for the front kick panels and a set of 6 x 9’s for the rear. Nothing to fancy
    because version 2 of the interior is going to raise the bar.

    We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel so I purchase a set of fiberglass kick panels from a gentleman on These are very nice and Kenny tells me that they fit perfectly.…-Panels-FS-(AR)…G?m=1380808762

    In order to do the least amount of fabrication work we ordered up a Marquez fiberglass package tray from the guys at This will greatly reduce the amount of fabrication time at the interior shop. However, they will still have to build the center section for the 3rd brake light.

    The other option for the source would be from Secret Audio. This being 4 channels vs the 2 channels that the Kicker version offers


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