Making Room for the Edelbrock Headers

  • To keep things simple I wanted off the shelf headers so I ordered up a set of Edlebrock shorty headers for a 2010 Camaro. Very nice piece I may order a set for my 2010 Bumble Bee.

    We needed to add a little extra clearance so the guys at High Speed Welding notched the frame to clear one of the tubes on the
    passenger side.The good news is the drivers side fit perfectly.

    A close up of the motor mount stands welded to the stock subframe. I also used the Edelbrock set back plates so I could use the
    stock style motor mounts.

    Looking down you see that the collector hits the subframe so a little more work is needed on the passenger side to make the header work.

    One of the reason for the shorty headers is ground clearance. Since the car will be sitting 6″ off the ground the exhaust needs to tuck up tight to the floor. There is only 4″ of space between the floor and the bottom of the subframe thus there is no true way to hide the exhaust unless you run a down-pipe style exhaust.

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